Friday, 22 March 2019

Update v1.49

Due a many requests server will now under Rifbot support.

  • [Engine] Added to Rifbot support list

  • [ClassicTibia] Fixed reading map for spearpickup and fishing.
  • [Kasteria] Speed up delays for most of actions
  • [Kasteria] antipush will now drop 2 items

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Update v1.48

Due a self changed Class on we have a bug with failed to inject into other clients.
Problem was fixed added 1 day do each valid license key, sorry my misstake.

  • [Kasteria] Fixed bugs that happen mostly due extension.dll implemented to game client
  • [Engine] Valid inject to Kasteria and any other server, if you cannot open Rifbot run it as admin.

Download version 2019-03-16 08:02

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Update v1.47 Free week with Rifbot!

You can use Rifbot to 2019-03-21 for free. Key for all: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777

  • [Shortkeys Func] MOUSEUSE 3155 to use itemid or rune under mouse cursor. Example throw mw or shoot sd.
  • [Engine] Added to support list.
  • [Engine] Added to Rifbot support list

  • [ClassicTibia] Changed way working lighthack
  • [Kasteria] Enabled Error & Private Proxy & McShortkeys
  • [Kasteria] Fixed lots of minor bugs.
  • [Medivia] Fixed reading battle list.
  • [Medivia] Fixed trade channel say.
  • [Medivia] Update for new client v2.5.1

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 added!

Download manually to enjoy botting on Kasteria!

Due a many requests server has been added to Rifbot support list.

* Some functions has been temporary disabled due a lack of time for update, don't worry will be enabled soon.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Update v1.46 - Realesta War added!

2019-03-12 11:37 Updated Rifbot for and, download manually.

To use Rifbot on download new version released 2019-03-01
Due a many request RealestaWar server was added to Rifbot support list and you can now enjoy fighting with enemies using many features!

You can now pruchase Ribot using Tibia Coins too!

  • [Downloader] New alternative engine to download update when first failed.
  • [RealestaWar] Added support for OpenGL client. If Rifbot failed with inject download new client from RealestaWar website.

  • [Mastercores] Fixed using runes due last game update.
  • [Manafluids] Changed way drinking fluids/using uhs this decrease chance for crash.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Update v1.45

License conditions:
  • The price of license will now cost 8 EUR / 34 PLN for 30 days.
  • Due problems with Realesta server price stay on this same 7 EUR / 30 PLN for days
  • Payments that are not a gift will be returned no matter if you' re from Brasil, Chile etc.  

Software changes:
  • Updated Rifbot for Nostalrius v1.40
  • Make small changes in container struct.
  • If you had problems with some actions in game should be fine now.
  • If game crashing for you download the new RealestaClient from their website. 

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Update v1.44

2019-02-24 16:17
Updated Rifbot for download it manually.

  • [Skill Trainer] Possibility to attack any monster without adding them to list.
  • [Lua] Added error checker for load lua51.dll and new function to Rifbot Lib.lua. classicTibiaRelogin() allow you to reconnect to game using lua scripts.

  • [Rifbot: Engine] Totaly re-write over 80% of code to avoid unknown bugs. Speed up functions & decrese CPU usage in whole bot.
  • [Medivia] Fixed reading private message proxy due a invalid address before received first message.
  • [Fishing & Autoloot] Fixed Stacking items after closing prev backpack index.
  • [Pvp Area] Ering will now dequip ring if hp is above value in input.
  • [Realesta: lighthack] after relogin light will appear immediately.
  • [Fishing] Now rod will thorow only on tiles with amount = 1 to avoid fishing under deck. After relogin will wait 2s to allow open backpack.
  • [Shortkeys] exivat will now save only players last name.
  • [Engine: containers] Make changes in containers::structure to always read all valid items.
  • [PVP Area] SD Combo and RuneMax will shoot runes with lastTargetID now even if current target = 0. Additional when selfHpperc < 50 % shooting is disabled.
  • [Shortkeys] Improved precision using rune with players, tuse, sdlast, runelast, paralast
  • [Shortkeys] Speed up using runelast 3198, sdlast with monsters to easy stairhopping.
  • [Runemaker] Opening main backpack after relogin will works only if checkbox Relogin is enabled also increased delay for this action.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug with not loading Step Back Time from config file.
  • [Food Eater] Fixed loop through eating time due valid delay. If not food then loop break for next 10s.
  • [PvP Area] mcHotkeys renamed to mcShortkeys. To use shortkeys on many clients at once open Rifbot on each character and check in mcShortkeys
  • [Alarms] Fixed wrong offset for Player Attack alert.
  • [Shortkeys] Will no longer active when ctrl or shift is pressed. (mean pannel shortkeys no Functions.txt shortkeys)