Rifbot Tibia Scape + Ardera Titan


Updated Rifbot for Tibia Scape and Ardera Titan. re-download bot.

Rifbot Ramonia Summer + Askara 8.0




Download last bot version and custom [2022-06-21 22:30] game client to play on Ramonia.

Rifbot Dura Online

Dear community,

With today update you can launch bot for Dura online server.

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Riviera



Rifbot is up to date for new Realesta server Riviera.

Rifbot Olders Online 8.0



Updated Rifbot for Olders Online, re-download

[Question] To eat food on trainers use this lua: Eat Food Around You

Rifbot Ardera



[2022-06-20 08:50] Updated Rifbot for Ardera org, re-download.

Rifbot Shadow Illusion



Rifbot is ready for new Shadow Illusion server. Game client not found? re-download

Rifbot Imperianic



Updated Rifbot for new Imperianic re-download.

Use Direct ZIP gameclient.

Rifbot Eloth 8.0

 [New] License price in PLN has been increased due weakness of currency. For USD and EUR price stay this same.


Updated Rifbot for Eloth  8.0 server.

Rifbot Faloria online 7.4



Updated Rifbot for Faloria online 7.4. Re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot Realera Spectrum



If any problems with running bot download last version of game client and rifbot.

<Eat food on trainers lua script>


Rifbot Trapera



Updated Rifbot for Trapera net, re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot KingdomSwap & Nostalrius


[Nostalrius] How to use autoloot? Click red bag in game client (Quick Loot) and mark option Accepted Loot then add your items.


Updated Rifbot for KingdomSwap and Nostalrius 7.4. Re-download and enjoy :)

Rifbot Elderan online & Ramonia



Dear Community,

Updated Rifbot for Elderan online and Ramonia, re-download.

[Ramonia] Download new bot version and game client then game exe replace for this: ramonia_rifbot


Rifbot Askara 8.0


[Mastercores] put this client_ogl to folder: game\data


Updated Rifbot for Askara 8.0 download

Merry Christmas!

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Desire



Updated bot for new Realesta Client.

Black Friday 26.11.2021

 Promotion has end. Thanks everyone for join!


Purchasing license on 26.11.2021 you will receive 100% more days. Promotion (24h only)

Rifbot Kasteria Novity & Imperianic


Enjoy using bot on new Kasteria server Novity and Imperianic!

[Popular Question] Client not found? Re-download bot. 

[Imperianic] Targeting issues? Re-download bot.

[Rifbot Tutorial] Walker on Label

 In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • execute action on label
  • use infinite loop while true do
  • use finite loop for i = 1, 10 do

required Rifbot 1.95 release 2021-09-30 15:35 or later

1. This is sample waypoints to add it right click on walker > edit

Rifbot Tutorial


2. Now we need to lua function for catching label signals. You can add it using Options > Lua scripts > New Script

Rifbot Tutorial


3. First we have label start, let's just close all backpacks and open main backpack.

Rifbot Tutorial


 4. When lua finish will continue walker. Label drop, now you learn how to do actions until they truly finish. We will drop items from backpack to ground.

Rifbot Tutorial

5. Last one is label dance where you will learn how to use for loops. Let's dance a little bit.

Rifbot Tutorial

All functions with they arguments are documented in Rifbot Lib.lua inside bot folder. 

That's all, if you have any questions post it below.

p.s. Images was used to prevent copying code :)

Retrocores & Realera season with Rifbot

Bot Retrocores Bot Realera

[Hot] If any errors appear download new version


Rifbot is up to date with new Retrocores and Realera servers!

Rifbot Olders Online

Rifbot Olders online

[Hot] Please script for eat food around me: script


Updated Rifbot for Olders online 8.0 enjoy! download

Rifbot Tibijka.net 8.0



[Ramonia] Use only this game client to connect server.

Updated Rifbot for Tibijka.net 8.0. Use the last bot version to inject.

[Hot questions] 

  • Have script for fishing through window? Sure use this script
  • Please reconnect bps script because Tibijka open it as index 1 instead of 0. No problem script 

Update Prices

Dear community,

As you may see in last year I put a lot of work to bring you new features: Walker, Targeting, Looter. Now you can easy create full afk scripts for every otclient server from support list. Buying license you will get:

  • Active technical support and updates
  • Access to 10+ game servers
  • Over 200 customizable lua scripts
  • User friendly interface with cavebot


Read more about bot and check prices.

Rifbot Realesta74 Ectasy and Imperianic



Rifbot is up to date for Realesta74 and Imperianic server Ectasy download

If any problems with running bot on Imperianic, download and replace Imperianic OpenGL.exe

Rifbot Tibia74 ORG



Updated Rifbot for Tibia74 ORG, download

Rifbot Kasteria and Shadow Illusion



Rifbot for Kasteria Clarity and Shadow Illusion servers is ready! Download

Rifbot Realera


[hot question] How can I eat food on trainers? Use this lua script


Updated Rifbot for Realera 8.0, new opened server Renestia! 


Rifbot Ramonia


Edit: 2021-08-09 13:30

Lunch rifbot only on this game client


Updated Rifbot for Ramonia, re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot Imperianic


[2021-03-13] If any problems replace Imperianic exe in folder to this one <click>


Updated Rifbot for Imperianic server enjoy!

Rifbot Realesta Infinity



Rifbot is compatible with new Realesta Infinity server.

[New] Use last Realesta game client and Rifbot was patch 2021-03-27 20:20

Kasteria Clarity & Nostalrius & Valoria Rifbot

// Edit 2021-02-21 14:15

If you want use bot on Mastercores go to folder Mastercores\data and run game with: client_ogl.exe


[Kasteria] If error appear on start follow steps:

1. Download last Rifbot version.

2. Type in windows search %appdata% then go to Roaming\otclientv8\ Kasteria_v4 and remove otclient_gl.exe

[Valoria] If any problems use this game client valoria_gl.rar

Hello mates!

Updated Rifbot bot Kasteria Clarity server, Nostalrius and Valoria.




Dear community,

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021. 

ENG: A whirlwind breaks weak trees, while a strong wind caresses only. Be strong and don't be enslaved because there is nothing more valuable than freedom.

PL: Wicher słabe drzewa łamie podczas gdy silne tylko głaszcze. Bądźcie silni i nie dajcie się zniewolić bo nie ma nic cenniejszego niż wolność.

Realera Bot 8.0 - Rifbot update

[Hot] have script to eat food on trainers? <lua script>

[Semi-Hot] bot not works after update. Replace game client for this <RealeraOGL.rar>



Updated Rifbot for Realera 8.0 server, re-download

Valoria Bot - Rifbot compatible

Edit: 2021-02-14 18:30

Download and use this game client: ValoriaStandalone.rar

Hello mates,

Rifbot works with Valoria server.

Black Friday Sale 2020-11-27

Promotion has end. Thanks everyone for join!


Buying license on Friday 2020-11-27 (24h only) your days will be doubled.

14 days -> 28 days || 30 days -> 60 days

Don't miss it! It's special day in whole year.

Kasteria bot Retrocores bot Rifbot update



Updated Rifbot for Kasteria and Retrocores servers enjoy! <Download>

Medivia Cavebot - Rifbot Free BETA tests


[2021-03-15] Five months free tests has end, thanks everyone for join. If you want still use bot purchase it.


I would like to invite all players who play on Medivia or may want start playing there to free BETA tests new cavebot in Rifbot. Creating FULL AFK scripts is now possible without using LUA so everyone can do it!
Free Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777
Time: <unknown>
Serv: Medivia only

Realesta Bot Resist - Rifbot Compatibile



Just short note. Rifbot 1.71 is compatible with new Realesta server Resist.