Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Recania


Updated Rifbot for Realesta 7.4 Recania, re-download v2.78

Rifbot Revelations Online 8.0

 [edit 2024-06-12] Change Rifbot.exe name to any other to avoid antibot pop-up message.

Updated Rifbot for Revelations Online 8.0, re-download to play.

Rifbot Souls of Elysium Nirvanum


Rifbot is up to date for new Souls of Elysium server Nirvanum.

Rifbot Olders Online

 [2024-05-30]: Updated Rifbot for Ramonia, re-download.



Rifbot is ready for new edition of Olders Online, re-download


Enter Training Room walker code:

lua: local pos = Self.getPositionFromDirection(7) Map.UseItem(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z, 1648, 1, 0)
wait: 500
step: n


Leave Training Room:

lua: local pos = Self.getPositionFromDirection(2) Map.UseItem(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z, 1648, 1, 0)
wait: 500
step: s
step: se


Rifbot Valdora and Castabra



Rifbot is ready for Valdora and Castabra, re-download.

Rifbot Classick74 and Treasura

 [edit: 2024-05-09 18:25] For Treasura use otclient version available on game website.


 Updated rifbot for classick74, re-download to play.

Rifbot Shadow Illusion + Exordion

[edit: 2024-04-12 18:20] Updated Rifbot for Treasura online, re-download



Updated Rifbot for Shadow Illusion and Exordion re-download bot.

Rifbot Keltera

[edit 2024-02-16 12:00]: Tibia Pristine has been updated, you can re-download bot.



Updated Rifbot for Keltera server.

Rifbot Nostalrius 2024-01-10

[2024-01-29 13:00] Rifbot will now works with WAD - WeAreDragons beta gameclient.



Updated Rifbot for last Nostalrius game client re-download

Rifbot Kasteria Destiny



Rifbot is ready to download for last Kasteria server Destiny.