Rifbot KingdomSwap & Nostalrius


[Nostalrius] How to use autoloot? Click red bag in game client (Quick Loot) and mark option Accepted Loot then add your items.


Updated Rifbot for KingdomSwap and Nostalrius 7.4. Re-download and enjoy :)

Rifbot Elderan online & Ramonia



Dear Community,

Updated Rifbot for Elderan online and Ramonia, re-download.

[Ramonia] Download new bot version and game client then game exe replace for this: ramonia_rifbot

Rifbot Askara 8.0


[Mastercores] put this client_ogl to folder: game\data


Updated Rifbot for Askara 8.0 download

Merry Christmas!

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Desire



Updated bot for new Realesta Client.

Black Friday 26.11.2021

 Promotion has end. Thanks everyone for join!


Purchasing license on 26.11.2021 you will receive 100% more days. Promotion (24h only)

Rifbot Kasteria Novity & Imperianic


Enjoy using bot on new Kasteria server Novity and Imperianic!

[Popular Question] Client not found? Re-download bot. 

[Imperianic] Targeting issues? Re-download bot.

[Rifbot Tutorial] Walker on Label

 In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • execute action on label
  • use infinite loop while true do
  • use finite loop for i = 1, 10 do

required Rifbot 1.95 release 2021-09-30 15:35 or later

1. This is sample waypoints to add it right click on walker > edit

Rifbot Tutorial


2. Now we need to lua function for catching label signals. You can add it using Options > Lua scripts > New Script

Rifbot Tutorial


3. First we have label start, let's just close all backpacks and open main backpack.

Rifbot Tutorial


 4. When lua finish will continue walker. Label drop, now you learn how to do actions until they truly finish. We will drop items from backpack to ground.

Rifbot Tutorial

5. Last one is label dance where you will learn how to use for loops. Let's dance a little bit.

Rifbot Tutorial

All functions with they arguments are documented in Rifbot Lib.lua inside bot folder. 

That's all, if you have any questions post it below.

p.s. Images was used to prevent copying code :)

Retrocores & Realera season with Rifbot

Bot Retrocores Bot Realera

[Hot] If any errors appear download new version


Rifbot is up to date with new Retrocores and Realera servers!

Rifbot Olders Online

Rifbot Olders online

[Hot] Please script for eat food around me: script


Updated Rifbot for Olders online 8.0 enjoy! download

Rifbot Tibijka.net 8.0



[Ramonia] Use only this game client to connect server.

Updated Rifbot for Tibijka.net 8.0. Use the last bot version to inject.

[Hot questions] 

  • Have script for fishing through window? Sure use this script
  • Please reconnect bps script because Tibijka open it as index 1 instead of 0. No problem script 

Update Prices

Dear community,

As you may see in last year I put a lot of work to bring you new features: Walker, Targeting, Looter. Now you can easy create full afk scripts for every otclient server from support list. Buying license you will get:

  • Active technical support and updates
  • Access to 10+ game servers
  • Over 200 customizable lua scripts
  • User friendly interface with cavebot


Read more about bot and check prices.

Rifbot Realesta74 Ectasy and Imperianic



Rifbot is up to date for Realesta74 and Imperianic server Ectasy download

If any problems with running bot on Imperianic, download and replace Imperianic OpenGL.exe

Rifbot Tibia74 ORG



Updated Rifbot for Tibia74 ORG, download

Rifbot Kasteria and Shadow Illusion



Rifbot for Kasteria Clarity and Shadow Illusion servers is ready! Download

Rifbot Realera


[hot question] How can I eat food on trainers? Use this lua script


Updated Rifbot for Realera 8.0, new opened server Renestia! 


Rifbot Ramonia


Edit: 2021-08-09 13:30

Lunch rifbot only on this game client


Updated Rifbot for Ramonia, re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot Imperianic


[2021-03-13] If any problems replace Imperianic exe in folder to this one <click>


Updated Rifbot for Imperianic server enjoy!

Rifbot Realesta Infinity



Rifbot is compatible with new Realesta Infinity server.

[New] Use last Realesta game client and Rifbot was patch 2021-03-27 20:20

Kasteria Clarity & Nostalrius & Valoria Rifbot

// Edit 2021-02-21 14:15

If you want use bot on Mastercores go to folder Mastercores\data and run game with: client_ogl.exe


[Kasteria] If error appear on start follow steps:

1. Download last Rifbot version.

2. Type in windows search %appdata% then go to Roaming\otclientv8\ Kasteria_v4 and remove otclient_gl.exe

[Valoria] If any problems use this game client valoria_gl.rar

Hello mates!

Updated Rifbot bot Kasteria Clarity server, Nostalrius and Valoria.




Dear community,

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021. 

ENG: A whirlwind breaks weak trees, while a strong wind caresses only. Be strong and don't be enslaved because there is nothing more valuable than freedom.

PL: Wicher słabe drzewa łamie podczas gdy silne tylko głaszcze. Bądźcie silni i nie dajcie się zniewolić bo nie ma nic cenniejszego niż wolność.

Realera Bot 8.0 - Rifbot update

[Hot] have script to eat food on trainers? <lua script>

[Semi-Hot] bot not works after update. Replace game client for this <RealeraOGL.rar>



Updated Rifbot for Realera 8.0 server, re-download

Valoria Bot - Rifbot compatible

Edit: 2021-02-14 18:30

Download and use this game client: ValoriaStandalone.rar

Hello mates,

Rifbot works with Valoria server.

Black Friday Sale 2020-11-27

Promotion has end. Thanks everyone for join!


Buying license on Friday 2020-11-27 (24h only) your days will be doubled.

14 days -> 28 days || 30 days -> 60 days

Don't miss it! It's special day in whole year.

Kasteria bot Retrocores bot Rifbot update



Updated Rifbot for Kasteria and Retrocores servers enjoy! <Download>

Medivia Cavebot - Rifbot Free BETA tests


[2021-03-15] Five months free tests has end, thanks everyone for join. If you want still use bot purchase it.


I would like to invite all players who play on Medivia or may want start playing there to free BETA tests new cavebot in Rifbot. Creating FULL AFK scripts is now possible without using LUA so everyone can do it!
Free Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777
Time: <unknown>
Serv: Medivia only

Realesta Bot Resist - Rifbot Compatibile



Just short note. Rifbot 1.71 is compatible with new Realesta server Resist.

Nostalrius Fearless Bot - Rifbot update


Edit 2020-10-27 07:50

Download Nostalrius game from their website LINK1 and later download Rifbot will works.

Valoria Bot - Rifbot update


Edit 2020-09-25 15:10 >> Re-download Rifbot and Game client due an update.

Updated Rifbot for Valoria online, re-download for connection.

If any bugs post below.

Medivia Bot - Rifbot update


Dear community,

Updated Rifbot for new Medivia 64 bit client. In order to play you have to download last Rifbot version and run Rifbot_x64.exe 

If any bugs post below.

Askara v2 Rifbot


Updated Rifbot for Askara v2 patch 2020-09-18 13:40 download

If any error post below.

Gunzodus & Aurera Global Rifbot

Updated Rifbot v1.67 for Tibia 10.0 client. You can now use bot features on servers like Gunzodus, Aurera Global etc.

Rifbot Imperianic 2020-08-31 -> 2020-11-22

Dear community,

Edit: 2020-11-22 20:45 Up to date for new lunch

Updated Rifbot for Imperianic server, re-download for valid connection.

Update Prices

Hello everyone,

I decided to change license prices due a increasing global inflation rate. Price in Tibia Coins stay at this same level.

You can check changes <here>

Realera 8.0 Rifbot

Edit 2020-08-02 19:49
Re-download Rifbot if you play on Nostalrius due an game update..

Fast note for lazy guys :) Updated Rifbot for Realera 8.0 (Realesta developers)

Re-download here <Click>

OriginalTibia Rifbot


Updated Rifbot for OriginalTibia 8.0!

Re-download for valid client reading.

Imperianic Rifbot

Updated Rifbot for Imperianic OpenGL client, re-download if u're interested.

Medivia Rifbot

Dear community,

Rifbot for Medivia is patched! You can use bot there :)

Download new version 1.66 <here>

Kasteria Rifbot

Edit 2020-06-18 09:55
Added 1 day of license to all valid keys due problems with host last night.


Updated Rifbot for Kasteria.pl enjoy!

Download here: <Click>

Realesta Encounter Rifbot

Edit 2020-05-27  13:00
Re-download Rifbot if you play on Nostalrius.

Hello mates!

Just fast note for your information.
Rifbot works for new opened server from Realesta - Encounter.

Rifbot Changelog 1.64 - Tutorial

Hello mates,

I would like to present new panel (Tutorial) where you can easy find solution for your problem. Access by Menu->Tutorial. Languages: ENG, PL

Rifbot Tibiantis

Please don't use Rifbot on Tibiantis you will get autoban.

Nostalrius Rifbot

Dear players,

Since start new edition of Nostalrius you asking me about update Rifbot for this server.
Today is time where dreams became reality. Rifbot works for Nostalrius!

Important note:

 - Free 2 days key only for Nostalrius: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777

- Re-download Rifbot.exe
- Inject bot before login or relogin after inject.
- Map structure isn't implemented.
- Shooting SD with players was disabled due polite Admin of Nostalrius request. 
  SD was enabled due fact admin of Nostalrius ban even simple tasker.

Rifbot Askara.net

Edit: 2020-04-04 17:22

Finally smashed new creatures:struct -> Binary Tree Roam.
Re-downlaod and enjoy using Rifbot on Askara.net

Dear community,

I decided to check Rifbot for Askara.net client. They don't change memory since last Kasteria so update take a few minutes.

Re-download and enjoy!



Hello all,

Last time you may see problems with connection Error code=2. The internet provider on the server is overloaded due a unstable global situation. Peoples choose stay at home and surf on the web, play video games or watch movies. This all make host bussy and not reachable.

Added +2 days to each active serial number.

Sorry for problems

Coronavirus Bullshit

Dear users,

Last time media try to tell as that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is real danger. The truth is that they want to hide comming financial collapse and virus is a good reason to do it. Everyday more ppls die on cancer than on this virus since start so.. don't panic and keep up your work.

Rifbot Realesta Prosperity

Hello everyone,

Just short info to don't waste your time.

Rifbot is compatibile with Realesta Client so good luck on new server Prosperity!

Retrocores Macro Test

Dear players,

As you may see admin of Retrocores start war against botters with todays save server. This start slowly death of game just like on Mastercores year ago. To help you continue using Rifbot I implemented system to stop panel functions and lua scripts when macro test happen for your character. You may also enable Macro Test in alarms section to get a sound notification.

Rifbot v1.60 for Retrocores: download

When one falling down there is light for another..
Vivat Realesta 28.02.2020 Friday 18:00

Retrocores Rifbot Update

Dear community,

Thanks for being with Rifbot! You can always rely on me with updates.  

- Updated Rifbot for Retrocores v1.10 (update again to v1.11 xD)
- Download manually here: Rifbot v1.59
- If any problems post it below.


Rifbot Kasteria

Edit: 2010-01-10 14:02
Lunched new version Rifbot v1.58 for Kasteria. Please download and test if still crashing.

Important note:

- Rifbot works only with otclient_gl.exe (OpenGL version)
- Always run bot as admin.
- Functions required reading map will not works.


- If you already bought key re-download Rifbot and enjoy.
- If you don't have key yet Rifbot only for Kasteria will free for next 7 days.

Free Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777
Time: 7 days (Kasteria.pl only)

Rifbot Retrocores & Realesta Encounter

[New 2020-01-02 19:25] Retrocores

Updated Rifbot for Retrocores. Download a new version 1.57. (2020-01-02 19:25)

// Realesta Encounter

To run Rifbot on Realesta follow this steps

1. Download Realesta Client from their website and unpack.
2. Run game client and wait a few seconds if no pop-up message then close client.
3. Download: https://github.com/Ascerr/Support/archive/Rifbot.zip
4. Extract Support-Rifbot.zip to RealestaClient folder and RealestaOGL.exe to this from Rifbot Support folder.

Black Friday Sale -50%


Buying Rifbot between 29.11.2019 00:00 CET and 29.11.2019 23:59 CET you pay 50% price.

19 days of bot cost: 8,5 PLN or 2 EUR or 2,2 USD or 75 TC Tibia Global

Merry Christmas! +5 days

Dear players,

I would like to thank you for being with Rifbot since one year! Christmas coming soon and let's be serious we want to celebrate it instead of sitting near computer. Be honest with yourself, don't rob yourself and help others.

Buying license until the end of this year you will receive (+5 days)

Merry Christmas!

Retrocores Rifbot

#Edit 2019-11-13 Retrocores v1.01
Due a update of client please download new Rifbot and create your custom lua scripts to avoid ban on measure system.


Updated Rifbot for Retrocores (old mastercores). Download <here>

Rifbot Realesta

Edit 2019-11-08

Realesta Update? Download their client from website (not ingame patch) and after that repleace RealstaOGL.exe to this one. <game client>

What's up guys?

After almost 14 days of using Rifbot I must say wow! Checking statistics we are huge part of Realesta games community. As you can see there are many character bans in this case but really.. Today players don't have time to make runes half of day, they could play to another game. Based on my experience I could say that without bots amount of players online will close to 10. Im against cavebot but runemaker should be legal.

Final details

Free version end 2019-09-20 00:00:00 CET
You can purchase 14 days license here

Rifbot Realesta74.net Redemption

Hey Everyone!

You send me many emails with questions about Realesta74.net server Redemption. Today I just updated addresses in Rifbot for this new server starting 2019-09-06 18:00 CET. As we all know last edition was total dump and die soon after start. Let give two weeks another try for this team and help they build huge community using Rifbot mcs :D What about war server? Rifbot will also works there if you don't like rpg.

Final notes:

Download new version here: https://www.rifbot.eu/p/download.html

Rifbot status: ON
Support: OFF
Servers: Realesta74.net (OpenGL) + some others if they don't change their clients memory.
Time: 2 weeks (14 days)
Price: 0 € 
Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777

Rifbot Shutdown

Dear users,

Rifbot will be shutted down 2019-07-26. I don't have time for updates, bug fixs, support & ots tracking where most of them are scam :( I going to move my free time into decentralized blockchain technology.
Please don't send money to my Paypal.

Thanks for being with Rifbot,

Rifbot will be free durning next 16 days.
Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777

Free 14 days with Rifbot

Edit 2019-07-03 07:42
Updated addresses, for Mastercores.

Edit 2019-06-24 13:16
Added 14 days to already paid keys.

Due luck of time for any kind of support/updates Rifbot will be free for next 2 weeks.
Please don't send me emails, will be ignored.

Free Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777
Start Time: 2019-06-22 12:15
Days: 14 days 

Update Rifbot for Realesta (Mideresta)

Just updated Rifbot for Realesta client -> Mideresta & War server.

If you want to bot on this corrupt server hurry up!Will die soon.

Download here: https://www.rifbot.eu/p/download.html

Update Rifbot for Waropolis.net

As you can see Waropolis implemented otclient, Rifbot will now works with Waropolis new otclient too!

Download Rifbot with last update for Waropolis manually.

Hope you enjoy!

Realesta bot & Neveresta bot

Edit 2019-05-24 14:24
Updated addresses for Nostalrius Fearless 8.0. Remember that Rifbot works with calssic 7.4 way.

Edit 2019-05-23 12:52
If you play Medivia download bot manually due an game update.

Edit: 2019-05-03 16:00
You can now use Rifbot with Realesta Directx 9 client. Download manually to enjoy botting on Neversta.

Neveresta comming soon! Enjoy botting using Rifbot.
You can still use bot on Realesta.

  • If you got error outdated download the newst Realesta client. 2019-04-26
  • Use OpenGL client. (RealestaOGL.exe)
  • If you got error=2 then download a new version of Rifbot 1.51

Update v1.51 - Tibijka.net bot 7.72

Added compatibile for Tibijka.net bot 7.72

  • Delay for DarkOT has been decreased.

Update v1.50 - DarkOT bot

Rifbot now will support DarkOT server.

  • [Lua] Map.UseItem will now open container (if item is) as new index.
  • [Healer] Set valid priority for checkbox UH will now use before MF.

Switching Host

#Edit 2019-04-19 
If you have problems with run Rifbot on Realesta download and replace RealestaOGL.exe to new one.

Hello everyone!

As I mointed in previous post we have a host switching. You will no longer able to connect using old version.

Download new one

Update v1.49 Realistic.global

Edit 2019-04-13
Tomorrow 2019-04-14 between 8.00-9.00 there will be a host swiching. After that you'll need to download Rifbot manually to inject into clinet.

Rifbot will no longer support corrupt Realisitc.Global server.
In last update 2019-03-28 this server implemented huge spyware system. I suggest uninstall this game and remove folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ProGDN to save your computer data.

Due a many requests Realistic.global server will now under Rifbot support.

  • [Engine] Added Realistic.global to Rifbot support list

  • [ClassicTibia] Fixed reading map for spearpickup and fishing.
  • [Kasteria] Speed up delays for most of actions
  • [Kasteria] antipush will now drop 2 items

Update v1.48

Due a self changed Class on Kasteria.pl we have a bug with failed to inject into other clients.
Problem was fixed added 1 day do each valid license key, sorry my misstake.

  • [Kasteria] Fixed bugs that happen mostly due extension.dll implemented to game client
  • [Engine] Valid inject to Kasteria and any other server, if you cannot open Rifbot run it as admin.

Download version 2019-03-16 08:02

Update v1.47 Free week with Rifbot!

You can use Rifbot to 2019-03-21 for free. Key for all: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777

  • [Shortkeys Func] MOUSEUSE 3155 to use itemid or rune under mouse cursor. Example throw mw or shoot sd.
  • [Engine] Added Kasteria.pl to support list.
  • [Engine] Added Realots.online to Rifbot support list

  • [ClassicTibia] Changed way working lighthack
  • [Kasteria] Enabled Error & Private Proxy & McShortkeys
  • [Kasteria] Fixed lots of minor bugs.
  • [Medivia] Fixed reading battle list.
  • [Medivia] Fixed trade channel say.
  • [Medivia] Update for new client v2.5.1

Rifbot for Kasteria.pl

Download manually to enjoy botting on Kasteria!

Due a many requests server Kasteria.pl has been added to Rifbot support list.

* Some functions has been temporary disabled due a lack of time for update, don't worry will be enabled soon.

Hope you enjoy!

Update v1.46 - Realesta War added!

2019-03-12 11:37 Updated Rifbot for Classicus.org and Medivia.online, download manually.

To use Rifbot on Waropolis.net download new version released 2019-03-01
Due a many request RealestaWar server was added to Rifbot support list and you can now enjoy fighting with enemies using many features!

You can now pruchase Ribot using Tibia Coins too!

  • [Downloader] New alternative engine to download update when first failed.
  • [RealestaWar] Added support for OpenGL client. If Rifbot failed with inject download new client from RealestaWar website.

  • [Mastercores] Fixed using runes due last game update.
  • [Manafluids] Changed way drinking fluids/using uhs this decrease chance for crash.

Update v1.45

License conditions:
  • The price of license will now cost 8 EUR / 34 PLN for 30 days.
  • Due problems with Realesta server price stay on this same 7 EUR / 30 PLN for days
  • Payments that are not a gift will be returned no matter if you' re from Brasil, Chile etc.  

Software changes:
  • Updated Rifbot for Nostalrius v1.40
  • Make small changes in container struct.
  • If you had problems with some actions in game should be fine now.
  • If game crashing for you download the new RealestaClient from their website. 

Update v1.44 Rifbot for Classicus.org

2019-02-24 16:17
Updated Rifbot for Classicus.org download it manually.

  • [Skill Trainer] Possibility to attack any monster without adding them to list.
  • [Lua] Added error checker for load lua51.dll and new function to Rifbot Lib.lua. classicTibiaRelogin() allow you to reconnect to game using lua scripts.

  • [Rifbot: Engine] Totaly re-write over 80% of code to avoid unknown bugs. Speed up functions & decrese CPU usage in whole bot.
  • [Medivia] Fixed reading private message proxy due a invalid address before received first message.
  • [Fishing & Autoloot] Fixed Stacking items after closing prev backpack index.
  • [Pvp Area] Ering will now dequip ring if hp is above value in input.
  • [Realesta: lighthack] after relogin light will appear immediately.
  • [Fishing] Now rod will thorow only on tiles with amount = 1 to avoid fishing under deck. After relogin will wait 2s to allow open backpack.
  • [Shortkeys] exivat will now save only players last name.
  • [Engine: containers] Make changes in containers::structure to always read all valid items.
  • [PVP Area] SD Combo and RuneMax will shoot runes with lastTargetID now even if current target = 0. Additional when selfHpperc < 50 % shooting is disabled.
  • [Shortkeys] Improved precision using rune with players, tuse, sdlast, runelast, paralast
  • [Shortkeys] Speed up using runelast 3198, sdlast with monsters to easy stairhopping.
  • [Runemaker] Opening main backpack after relogin will works only if checkbox Relogin is enabled also increased delay for this action.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug with not loading Step Back Time from config file.
  • [Food Eater] Fixed loop through eating time due valid delay. If not food then loop break for next 10s.
  • [PvP Area] mcHotkeys renamed to mcShortkeys. To use shortkeys on many clients at once open Rifbot on each character and check in mcShortkeys
  • [Alarms] Fixed wrong offset for Player Attack alert.
  • [Shortkeys] Will no longer active when ctrl or shift is pressed. (mean pannel shortkeys no Functions.txt shortkeys)

Update v1.43

2019-02-11: 16:13

Today between 10:30 and 16:00 there was a problem with ddos attack on my server provider.
Status back to normal, added 10h to each valid key. Sorry for problems.


  • Support for Classicus.org new client (10% exp bonus). This client have problems with light so max light size is utevo lux.
  • Client validation checker to avoid crashing game after server update.
  • [Medivia] Problem with reading container items due a incorrect $offset
  • [Realesta] Fixed crash reason for attack with new client.
  • [TibiaClient] Fixed reading map registry on Win 10 and added missing water tiles to fishing.
  • [GUI] Pannels: Lua, Advertising, Proxy & Loot will now display as child window without creating additional app on menu bar.
  • [Engine] Speed up engine, bot should works little bit faster now!
  • [Windows] Decreased chance to deleting Rifbot.exe due a pseudo "vir" detection.

Update v1.42

  • Suport for RealestaOGL new client (now will works for both)
  • [Autoupdater] Implemented a new function to upadte Rifbot automatically.
  • [Classicus] fixed autostacking items for fishing.
  • [Classicus] fixed way reading map area.

Website migration - Tibia 7.4 Bot

Dear community,

I would like to thank you that you have been with Rifbot - Tibia 7.4 Bot for 3 months! The project has started with Mastercores and now support 8 servers and both otclient and standard tibia client. During this period over 20 updates were released!

Hope you enjoy!