Rifbot Classick74 and Treasura



 Updated rifbot for classick74 (04-17) and treasura servers, re-download to play.

Rifbot Shadow Illusion + Exordion

[edit: 2024-04-12 18:20] Updated Rifbot for Treasura online, re-download



Updated Rifbot for Shadow Illusion and Exordion re-download bot.

Rifbot Keltera

[edit 2024-02-16 12:00]: Tibia Pristine has been updated, you can re-download bot.



Updated Rifbot for Keltera server.

Rifbot Nostalrius 2024-01-10

[2024-01-29 13:00] Rifbot will now works with WAD - WeAreDragons beta gameclient.



Updated Rifbot for last Nostalrius game client re-download

Rifbot Kasteria Destiny



Rifbot is ready to download for last Kasteria server Destiny.

Rifbot Imperianic

[2023-12-10]: Bot for Ardera is ready, re-download and use DirectX gameclient.




Updated Rifbot for new Imperianic, use version 1.63 today release.

Black Firday 24th Promotion

 Promotion has end, thanks everyone for join.



Starting from 24th of November between 00:00 and 23:59 there will be promotion, every key both from resellers and me will have doubled days

Rifbot Exordion 7.4

[Edit 2023-11-16] Realera has bug with Discord core: 4 and can't update game to last version, below posting updated game client to replace in %appdata% -> Realera -> Realera -> unpack there THIS




Updated Rifbot for Exordion 7.4 server, hope you enjoy. Re-download

Rifbot Antiga Online & Realesta 7.4 Arcanis

Rifbot works with Realesta 7.4 server Arcanis, just use RealeraGL.exe and run bot as admin.


Updated Rifbot for Antiga Online, re-download

[Important] Rifbot works there with DirectX gameclient.