Rifbot Shadow Illusion V2



Updated Rifbot for Shadow Illusion V2, re-download

Rifbot Classick Sytes




Updated Rifbot for new ot Classick Sytes, re-download

Rifbot Realera 8.0 Revalia



Rifbot is up to date for new Realera 8.0 server Revalia, make sure you using bot v2.58 released 21:25.

Rifbot Olders Online


Updated Rifbot for Olders Online V2, re-download

Rifbot Kasteria + Ardera Lunaris 8.0


Updated Rifbot for Kasteria and Ardera Lunaris server, re-download.

Rifbot WeAreDragons Scatha



Updated Rifbot for WeAreDragons Scatha (only WAD Beta game client, second link on website)

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Renoria




Rifbot 2.53 works with new server Realesta 7.4 Renoria. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Rifbot Imperianic

 2023-04-25 23:00: Rifbot works for Castabra you just need download new version.


Rifbot is up to date for new Imperianic server.

Rifbot Oldera Retro

2023-04-15: Rifbot works for Odenia.online with official safe client but launching old version because it's classic tibia. Re-download, here MC for this gameclient

Added Oldera Retro server to Rifbot, re-download to play.

Rifbot Shadow Illusion


Updated Rifbot for ShadowIllusion server, re-download

Rifbot Realera Resterium




Rifbot is up to date for Realera 8.0 world Resterium. You need to have version released 2023-02-27 to use items properly.

Rifbot Alebra Old



Fully update bot for Alebra, re-download version 2023-02-27 to connect.

Ramonia Rifbot


Updated Rifbot for Ramonia, re-download

Rifbot Cerebra



Updated Rifbot for Cerebra ready, re-download to connect.

Rifbot Nostalrius

2023-02-07 Added compatible for Nostalrius V4 re-download

Updated Rifbot for Nostlarius server Epic, re-download bot released 2023-01-14 20:20 CET to connect.

Important changes in payments since 2022-12-20



Since 2022-12-20 due a new incoming regulations for bank system and selling platforms i will accept Tibia Coins and Monero. Cryptocurrency monero (XMR) is decentralized coin based on proof of work protocol that keeps your transactions private and nobody can't track your funds. Official website: getmonero org

How to get Monero?

  • Crypto exchanges like Kraken or KuCoin but they required your ID. Don't use Binance they always have problems with withdraws.
  • If you have any other crypto swap it to monero on account free ChangeNow io
  • Peer to peer (p2p) exchanges like Bisq or Localmonero allow trade with ppls around the world.
  • Bitomats physical places to buy/sell crypto like well known ATM.



Black Friday Promotion

 Promotion has end, thanks everyone for join.



At Friday 2022-11-25 (24h only) when you purchase key, your days will be doubled. 

Single license days can't be divided.

Rifbot Souls of Elysium


Updated bot for Souls of Elysium, re-download.

It works with full screen mode but i suggest use Classic View.

Rifbot Nostalther

 [Edit 2022-09-30] Rifbot works on Shadow Illusion just re-download.


Updated bot for Nostalther otclient I hope you enjoy, it's small server.

Rifbot Like-Retro


[Problem] Open game using OpenGL version

[Fix] Type in Windows Start: %appdata% then go -> OtclientV8 -> LikeRetro -> Remove LikeRetro-DX


Finally they fixed connections problems for Europe so Rifbot is now ready for Likeretro server. Enjoy!

Rifbot Imperianic New Game Client



Updated bot for Imperianic new game client re-download. Try use 2.30 version it should works fine.

Please look at picture and read red message

Proxy is still under coding.

Rifbot Realera Fanatic


If any problems go to %appdata% -> OTClientV8 -> RealeraOTCv8 -> remove exe.


Rifbot is ready for Realera 8.0!

Rifbot Kasteria Facility


[Hot] Why bot not works? It works you need Kasteria_v9 client and last bot version.

Rifbot is ready for new Kasteria server, re-download.

Rifbot Tibia Old Server



Updated Rifbot for Tibia Old Server, re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot Ardera Titan


Updated Rifbot for Ardera Titan. re-download bot.

Rifbot Ramonia Summer + Askara 8.0




Download last bot version and custom [2022-06-21 22:30] game client to play on Ramonia.

Rifbot Dura Online

Dear community,

With today update you can launch bot for Dura online server.

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Riviera



Rifbot is up to date for new Realesta server Riviera.

Rifbot Olders Online 8.0



Updated Rifbot for Olders Online, re-download

[Question] To eat food on trainers use this lua: Eat Food Around You

Rifbot Ardera



[2022-06-20 08:50] Updated Rifbot for Ardera org, re-download.

Rifbot Shadow Illusion



Rifbot is ready for new Shadow Illusion server. Game client not found? re-download

Rifbot Imperianic



Updated Rifbot for new Imperianic re-download.

Use Direct ZIP gameclient.

Rifbot Eloth 8.0

 [New] License price in PLN has been increased due weakness of currency. For USD and EUR price stay this same.


Updated Rifbot for Eloth  8.0 server.

Rifbot Faloria online 7.4



Updated Rifbot for Faloria online 7.4. Re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot Realera Spectrum



If any problems with running bot download last version of game client and rifbot.

<Eat food on trainers lua script>


Rifbot Trapera



Updated Rifbot for Trapera net, re-download and enjoy!

Rifbot KingdomSwap & Nostalrius


[Nostalrius] How to use autoloot? Click red bag in game client (Quick Loot) and mark option Accepted Loot then add your items.


Updated Rifbot for KingdomSwap and Nostalrius 7.4. Re-download and enjoy :)

Rifbot Elderan online & Ramonia



Dear Community,

Updated Rifbot for Elderan online and Ramonia, re-download.

[Ramonia] Download new bot version and game client then game exe replace for this: ramonia_rifbot


Rifbot Askara 8.0


[Mastercores] put this client_ogl to folder: game\data


Updated Rifbot for Askara 8.0 download

Merry Christmas!

Rifbot Realesta 7.4 Desire



Updated bot for new Realesta Client.

Black Friday 26.11.2021

 Promotion has end. Thanks everyone for join!


Purchasing license on 26.11.2021 you will receive 100% more days. Promotion (24h only)

Rifbot Kasteria Novity & Imperianic


Enjoy using bot on new Kasteria server Novity and Imperianic!

[Popular Question] Client not found? Re-download bot. 

[Imperianic] Targeting issues? Re-download bot.

[Rifbot Tutorial] Walker on Label

 In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • execute action on label
  • use infinite loop while true do
  • use finite loop for i = 1, 10 do

required Rifbot 1.95 release 2021-09-30 15:35 or later

1. This is sample waypoints to add it right click on walker > edit

Rifbot Tutorial


2. Now we need to lua function for catching label signals. You can add it using Options > Lua scripts > New Script

Rifbot Tutorial


3. First we have label start, let's just close all backpacks and open main backpack.

Rifbot Tutorial


 4. When lua finish will continue walker. Label drop, now you learn how to do actions until they truly finish. We will drop items from backpack to ground.

Rifbot Tutorial

5. Last one is label dance where you will learn how to use for loops. Let's dance a little bit.

Rifbot Tutorial

All functions with they arguments are documented in Rifbot Lib.lua inside bot folder. 

That's all, if you have any questions post it below.

p.s. Images was used to prevent copying code :)