What is Rifbot?

Rifbot is automation app for old Tibia servers. All functions working in background - packet sender & memory reader are here! 

Where can I use?

Realesta & Realera 8.0, Mastercores & Retrocores, Kasteria, Castabra, Medivia, Imperianic, Valoria, Nostalrius & Olders, Shadow Illusion, Ramonia, Elderan, Trapera, Faloria, Dura, Like-Retro, Nostalther, Souls of Elysium, Midhem Online, Cerebra, Alebra, Oldera Retro, Tibia Old Server, Antiga, Exordion, WeAreDragons, Keltera, Pristine, Classick74, Treasura, Revelations
Classic Tibia 7.4 (old version of bot)
What are his functions?

Main panel of Rifbot functions.
Rifbot main panel
*cavebot is available for otclient servers

Cavebot functions
Rifbot cavebot

Magic Shooter
Rifbot magic shooter

Lua scripts where limit is your imagination!
Rifbot Lua scripts