What is Rifbot?

Rifbot is automation app for old Tibia servers. All functions working in background - packet sender & memory reader are here! 

Where can I use?

Realesta & Realera 8.0, Mastercores & Retrocores, Kasteria, Castabra, Medivia, Imperianic, Valoria, Nostalrius & Olders, Shadow Illusion, Ramonia, Elderan, Trapera, Faloria, Ardera, Dura, Tibia Old Server, Like-Retro, Nostalther, Souls of Elysium, Midhem Online, Cerebra, TibiaOld, Alebra, Oldera Retro
Classic Tibia 7.4 (old version of bot)
What are his functions?

Main panel of Rifbot functions.
Rifbot main panel
*cavebot is available for otclient servers

Cavebot functions
Rifbot cavebot

Magic Shooter
Rifbot magic shooter

Lua scripts where limit is your imagination!
Rifbot Lua scripts