Most asked

Do you accept other payment method?
 I accept only Monero XMR and Tibia Coins, check tutorials about this. You can also get key from resellers, they offer other payment methods.
I bought Rifbot how long I will wait for key?
I will send the key to your e-mail from within 24h from purchase. Please be patient.

Can't start bot, some functions don't work.
Go to Windows Defender -> Settings-> Real Time Protection -> disable it and run bot as admin.

Do you have lua script for..
Visit my GitHub there is a lot of working examples.

How to enable walking on fire?
Right click on Walker -> Settings -> Pathable Ids and there add ids of fire fields. You can check it by looking on ground fire and see Rifbot Information Box for results


Can I use Rifbot on 2 computers at once?
No, only one computer in this same time. Close all Rifbot.exe and wait 30 min to switch computer.

There is any limit of opened Rifbots?
There is no limitation.

Can I purchase more than one license for this same email?
Sure. New key will be generated.

How to purchase license for someone else?
Send me his mail address then key will be sent directly to him.


Cannot download your bot, web browser blocking it!
Use other browser or click in error and allow to download.

Why I must enter serial number every time?
Run bot as admin this resolve problem.

Got error failed to start Rifbot ERROR_CODE=2.
Rifbot can't connect to license server. Server side problem, mail me.

When I try to execute lua script error appear.

How to open Rifbot for mc?
Focus client you want to inject and run bot. Rifbot inject to last used game client.

Today was an update of game. How long will take you update bot?
Will done fast as possible, most of cases this same day just inform me about update.

Your bot is safe for pc? What with game ban?
Rifbot is safe for your computer and game data. If you play on someone's server he can delete your account or ban because it's his server. Use more lua script with custom timers to avoid suspicions.