Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & license

How long i will wait for key after purchase?
The serial number is send manually and take up to 24h after purchase. If you do not receive the key at this time, write me a message.

Where you send my key?
The key will sent to your paypal email or other from gift note. Always check spam box.

Can I use Rifbot on 2 computers at once?
No, only one computer in this same time. You can wait up to 30 min and change computer.

Im from Brasil, Venezuela and can't send as gift!
You can always pay using Tibia Coins.

There is any limit of opened Rifbots?
No there is no limit but in some cases if you reach huge amount of mcs I could ask you about extra payment.

Can I pay for your bot using PSC?
Currently you can purchase license using Paypal gift and Tibia Coins.

Why you back my money?
If you don't sent money as gift then I refund your payment. Additional Paypal take fee for this transaction. Look at this image to check how to send money.

Technical issue

Cannot download your bot, web browser blocking it!
Use other browser like a Internet Explorer, FireFox or Opera.

Windows delete Rifbot.exe without asking for permission.
Rifbot is safe and all virus scan are false positive. To stop Win before deleting exe add exception in Windows Defender or turn it off. If this not help download the last Rifbot version and run as administrator rifbot_enabled.bat 
Windows 10 solution:  Go to Settings -> Windows Defender Security Center -> Defender Settings -> Exclusion -> Add Exclusion, and add rifbot.exe do not add whole folder.

Why I must enter serial number every time?
Run Rifbot as admin this resolve problem.

I got error: Windows cannot access to specified device, path..
Windows and Google nowadays take control over your computer and web browser and tell what you can do or not in your home! Check this article to resolve this problem.

I have problem with autoupdater. Rifbot can't patch to new version.
Download Rifbot directly from website and replace just Rifbot.exe to keep your settings in folder.

Some Rifbot functions does not work, e.g. using manafluid..
Open Rifbot using Admin rights or add this rights for your Windows user account in panel.

Got error failed to start Rifbot ERROR_CODE=2.
This means that Rifbot can't connect to license server to verify key. Server side problem.

When I try to execute lua script error appear.

Updates, functions, lua & others

Rifbot works with macro test on Retrocores?
Nope but they stop all functions in this situation.

Today was an update of game (Rastercores, Realesta etc.) how long will take you update bot?
Will done fast as possible, most of cases this same day. Please do not spam on my email this slow down update.

I send you email a few days ago, why you don't respond?
Sometimes Gmail add your message to spam automatically. This happen when you've fake email name or your email address is temporary.

You gonna add cavebot?
Nope. It's reason why most of servers died looking in past.

Hey! Im newbie in lua :( could you make a script for me?
Lua scripts are additional feature in Rifbot and I personally don't have time to write and test it for you. Sometimes I could write a piece of code or fix your script but not always. Visit lua on website and post your request there.

Your bot is safe for pc? What with game ban?
Rifbot is safe for your computer and game data. If you paly on someone's server he can delete your account or ban because it's his server. Use more lua script with custom timers to avoid suspicions. 

There is any way to decrease a cpu usage even more?
If you use Google Chrome internet browser try to use example FireFox instead. Chrome make whole pc slower. Inside Rifbot there are functions such as SpearPickup, Vip Alert, Autolooting that read big structures and my increase cpu usage, try to avoid them. PlayerLogout in Runemaker also eat a little more cpu than other functions and this depend on amount of creatures on screen.

When I press fiends button bot sometimes focus other application.
Rifbot check for any window with name friends and activate it else open Friends.txt