Rifbot Realesta74.net Redemption

Hey Everyone!

You send me many emails with questions about Realesta74.net server Redemption. Today I just updated addresses in Rifbot for this new server starting 2019-09-06 18:00 CET. As we all know last edition was total dump and die soon after start. Let give two weeks another try for this team and help they build huge community using Rifbot mcs :D What about war server? Rifbot will also works there if you don't like rpg.

Final notes:

Download new version here: https://www.rifbot.eu/p/download.html

Rifbot status: ON
Support: OFF
Servers: Realesta74.net (OpenGL) + some others if they don't change their clients memory.
Time: 2 weeks (14 days)
Price: 0 € 
Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777


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  2. Please fix for darkot.net also! I can even pay u for it! XP

  3. I agree with the comment above, please make it work for darkot.net <3

  4. Any clues why it detects a trojan?

    1. Rifbot is safe and all what you can see there is false positive
      Read FAQ: https://www.rifbot.eu/p/faq.html

    2. So if it's "safe and all" how come 17 different virus protection programs says the file is infected? I would understand if it was just one or two. But 17?
      Just looking for some answers here.

    3. We can discuss many days why antivirus marks Rifbot as "danger"..

      General reason is Engine (AutoIt v3), simple programming language where anyone can create keyboard reader/sender to track your movements. Most of scanning programs say virus when detect Autoit. Second reason is Hashing source code to prevent before crack or source reading. Fixing this problems is useless where time/income look bad. I just re-open project for some old players and don't have time to carry about all this false virus information.