Rifbot Shutdown

Dear users,

Rifbot will be shutted down 2019-07-26. I don't have time for updates, bug fixs, support & ots tracking where most of them are scam :( I going to move my free time into decentralized blockchain technology.
Please don't send money to my Paypal.

Thanks for being with Rifbot,

Rifbot will be free durning next 16 days.
Key: 7777-7777-7777-7777-7777


  1. First, thx for bot, is amazing!
    But i need help, i can not put the lua scripts! I followed the steps, but nothing appears on the bot. Can you help me? I just wanted to put it small stone in the hand. VERY THXXXX

  2. Please update bot to new Medivia client! :)

  3. How can you deny extra money man, just a lil update here and there no need to make big changes. Please don't quit.

  4. You're the only one with a good bot today on this earth for old tibia servers, you know that right? Please stay..

  5. regresa bro eres el unico que hace buenos bots solo pequenas actualizaciones y listo dinero extra

  6. Give more days on bot pls! I have error now.