Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Coronavirus Bullshit

Dear users,

Last time media try to tell as that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is real danger. The truth is that they want to hide comming financial collapse and virus is a good reason to do it. Everyday more ppls die on cancer than on this virus since start so.. don't panic and keep up your work.

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  1. Dude the problem, which you clearly dont see, is that we dont have any immunity built against this virus, so if we dont do anything to stop the contamination of other people in 3 months every human being on the planet will be infected, and even though the mortality rate is around 4% if everyone is sick the number of deaths will reach hundreds of millions. And the second issue is that a substantial amount of the cases require intensive care so if there os too much people sick there simply wont be enough either ICU units or medicine to treat all the sick people which will drive the mortality rate up. And last but not least, if the medical workers get saturated with covid patients there wont be anyone to treat millions of patients with other illnesses which in result in more deaths. Use your brain, no one os saying the disease itself is unbeatable or extremely dangerous to the healthy average human, we're just trying to avoid a bigger problem down the road.

    1. Thanks for opinion.

      You are right that governments try to decrease amount of infected to don't overload hospitals. The problem is that current actions with closing schools, factory, abroad etc. destroy economy. As you my see each head country said "we will refund costs of being out of work". There is 3 ways to solve financial problem: increase tax, take credit or print more money. Governments prefer money print what increase inflation and kill middle class on whole world. Middle class is the most valuable because create companies, brands, new technology, medicines etc.

      Virus is danger but 4% death rate is false information. There is a lot of peoples that just don't call a doctor if they are infected because they have weak symptoms. Real death rate is around: 0-40y < 0.2%, 40-60y ~1%, 60-80y 3-5%, 80y+ 7-10%

  2. Lubie Cię, ale proszę nie pisz takich głupot.
    Podobnie myśleli Wlosi, co teraz tam sie dzieje, nie trzeba opisywac.
    My mamy jeszcze czas.

    1. Nie widzę w tym co napisałem głupot, jeżeli uważasz inaczej nie będę się szarpać o poglądy. Musisz jednak wiedzieć, że w Polsce jak i we Włoszech jest odwrócona piramida wiekowa i za 10-20 lat życie w tych krajach zmieni się nie do poznania.