Update v1.49 Realistic.global

Edit 2019-04-13
Tomorrow 2019-04-14 between 8.00-9.00 there will be a host swiching. After that you'll need to download Rifbot manually to inject into clinet.

Rifbot will no longer support corrupt Realisitc.Global server.
In last update 2019-03-28 this server implemented huge spyware system. I suggest uninstall this game and remove folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ProGDN to save your computer data.

Due a many requests Realistic.global server will now under Rifbot support.

  • [Engine] Added Realistic.global to Rifbot support list

  • [ClassicTibia] Fixed reading map for spearpickup and fishing.
  • [Kasteria] Speed up delays for most of actions
  • [Kasteria] antipush will now drop 2 items


  1. Hello, my name is Leandro Sandmann. I am CEO of ExitLag and ProGDN.
    Files on %PROGRAMFILES%\ProGDN are from ProGDN SDK used by Realistic. As you can see, there are headers and libraries files.
    There are not any spyware or bitcoin miner. Rifbot wrote this because Realistic added an AntiCheat and they does not have capacity to bypass it.
    Please guys, let's study!

    1. Hello,

      Hidden process progdn_updater.exe is running automatically even if game is closed and you close this proc just like spyware.

      Antihackpro is huge spyware tool same as BattleEye. You as developer can enjoy provide game without macros but in this same time allow to grab tons of data from users computer.

      Tibia 7.4 without bots and huge new content die within a few months, players don't have time to spent hours on making runes what Medivia actually discover.

    2. You didn't answer Leandro about the bitcoins miner. How did you detect it? Can you give us a proof of this? I don't think so, because you already know that you don't have it, and it's a lie.

    3. I removed info about this malware since I cannot show you proof.

      Information about Antihackpro will stay to learn players that such as programs carry more evil than good.