Update v1.46 - Realesta War added!

2019-03-12 11:37 Updated Rifbot for Classicus.org and Medivia.online, download manually.

To use Rifbot on Waropolis.net download new version released 2019-03-01
Due a many request RealestaWar server was added to Rifbot support list and you can now enjoy fighting with enemies using many features!

You can now pruchase Ribot using Tibia Coins too!

  • [Downloader] New alternative engine to download update when first failed.
  • [RealestaWar] Added support for OpenGL client. If Rifbot failed with inject download new client from RealestaWar website.

  • [Mastercores] Fixed using runes due last game update.
  • [Manafluids] Changed way drinking fluids/using uhs this decrease chance for crash.


  1. Riftbow Undetectable MEDIVIA?

    1. Medivia just like a Mastercores calculate time between your actions in game. What this mean? If you'll spam hotkey with sd or do this same action every 1 min u will be detected. In this case was implemented Lua Scripts to replace most of Rifbot functions by using custom timers.

  2. Medivia Use System Antibot ,
    Is it safe to inject into the memory of the Medivia client or does Riftbot not inject in memory?

    1. Rifbot doesn't inject dll into memory so Medivia cannot detect Rifbot in this case. Ofc bot sometimes must grab some data from registry but this is done using Cavecodes.